The Green Lady from "Lost in Space" was the most fun character I ever played. From space dancing, and her "little girl spirit", and the color green to make a statement that there is beauty in all colors of the skin, and her sing songy voice, it was a happy departure from the earth world, as we know it.
I feel fortunate and honored to be part of "The Lost In Space" cast and experience, and that I could fulfill Irwin Allen's vision of "The Green Lady."
As the green lady I drank green fuel and still do in the form of raw green vegetable juice and cruelty-free vegetarian nutrition for food, and I do not support the slaughter of animals for food or fur.

Other photos

The Lost World
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The Travels of Jamie McPheeters with Kurt Russell
My Daughter Athena with her Dad Rory Calhoun, between her performance in the Lido de Paris show at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas.
Vitina at April 2001 Galaxy convention "Fright Vision"
On The Road Again
On The Road Again
Sedona Cowboy Store
Sedona Cowboy store
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After "Folies Bergere" Performance in Las Vegas